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Your  number is directly related to the DID number. If the SIP enabled phone/softphone/adaptor cannot register with the system for technical reasons or is off because it was turned off, you will not be able to receive calls via your DID number. If Voice Mail is enabled, the call will be picked up by the voice mail system. If your IP phone is up and running but it will not ring when the DID number is called, please contact Help Center immediately.

NOTE: The system will allow outgoing calls but not incoming calls without proper registration. Please do not publish your DID number without making sure you can receive calls.

How to troubleshoot any DID related problem:

1. Enable voicemail for the Globalink number controlling the DID number. This will show that the DID is pointing to the right number but for some reason the IP phone is not answering the call.

2. How do you know your device is connecting to the system? Most devices will display a "registered" or "logged in" status or you can view it online via your account's control panel, look for " Registration expires @ date and time".

3. If the IP phone is connecting to the system but no gateway, IP or DID type calls can be received, the IP device is not correctly registering with the system and you will need to contact technical support to determine the cause of this problem. Before you write support please verify the modem is set to "always on". In order for us to fully troubleshoot the problem we will need full access to the device's configuration settings. If the device has a static IP address, you can forward it to use so we can view the settings. If DHCP (dynamic ip) is on, you will need to send us an attachment type copy of the settings. 

4. If the IP phone is not registering with the system, most likely the problem is related to faulty configuration, unstable or inadequate Internet connection, blocked firewall or the ISP blocking ports or manipulating the flow of data.  Before you report your problem to support, please follow the steps below:

A. Access Globalink TECH and run the test to Globalink NOC, forward the test's results.
B. Access the device's settings and verify the configuration against our sample settings:
C. Please make sure the device's SIP password is correct by logging in the account's control panel:


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