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LETTER OF AUTHORIZATION VIA FACSIMILE TO (your registrar's  fax number)
For Domain Name Record Modifications


To:  (whatever registrar)


RE: Domain Name: Tracking #: xxxxxxxxx

Dear Registrar,

On behalf of  Your Company Name (the Registrant for the above-referenced domain name(s)), I request Your Registrar to modify the domain name registration record(s) in accordance with the instructions appearing in each corresponding Domain Name Registration Agreement.

I am authorized by the Registrant to make this request.

Thank you,

Signed: ____________________________________
Name: Your Name
Title: Your Corporate Title (Must be Officer of Corporation)
Phone: Your phone number
Email:  Your e-mail address






Please copy the  sample letter onto your organization's letterhead or stationery.


Please substitute your domain name, tracking number and other information where indicated.  Sign the letter and fax to your registrar. Please retain your fax transmission receipt including the date, time and number from which the fax is sent.




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